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  • Pin Out Wide MCB Lock

    Contact NowPin Out Wide MCB LockPart No.: POW Miniature Circuit Breaker Lockout MCB safety lockout P in out wide MCB lock These durable user friendly MCB Lockoff Devices may be used to keep workers safe in many environments. They are available in many different varieties to suit your needs. Circuit Breakers are an ideal way to...Read More

  • Tie Bar Circuit Breaker Lockout

    Contact NowTie Bar Circuit Breaker LockoutPart No.: TBLO Miniature Circuit Breaker Lockout T ie bar circuit breaker lockout Made of a durable glass-filled nylon Safe and effective method for locking out miniature circuit breakers Recommended to lock with lightweight Compact Safety Padlocks, and can accept up to 9/32" shackle...Read More

  • Pin Out Standard MCB Lockout

    Contact NowPin Out Standard MCB LockoutPart No.: POS Miniature Circuit Breaker Lockout Pin out standard MCB lockout Miniature Breaker Lockouts require NO TOOLS to install! Standard "Pin" style lockouts install easily with the aid of a push button. Lockouts are available for single and multi-pole breakers. Recommended to...Read More

  • Pin In Standard Circuit Breaker Lockout

    Contact NowPin In Standard Circuit Breaker LockoutPart No.: PIS Miniature Circuit Breaker Lockout P in in standard circuit breaker lockout M ini circuit breaker lockout Circuit Breakers are a cost efficient, versatile alternative to wire fuses and also double up as a mains power lockoff. However, if someone is performing maintenance on a system...Read More