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  • Heavy Duty Padlock Racks

    Contact NowHeavy Duty Padlock RacksPart No .: PLS01/ PLS02/ PLS03/ PLS04 Heavy duty padlock racks The heavy duty padlock rack is made from heavy duty steel with durable powder coat finish, which ensures long life in manufacturing facilities.This steel padlock holding isan ideal solution to take manypadlockson hand. It's an...Read More

  • 76mm Plastic Shackle Safety Padlock

    Contact Now76mm Plastic Shackle Safety PadlockPart No.: P76P 76mm Plastic Long Shackle Safety Padlock Lockout-tagout (LOTO) safety procedures, as defined by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), require that lockout devices be durable and standardized. Lockout devices use color, warning labels or tags, and a physical barrier...Read More

  • Diameter 4 Stainless Steel Safety Padlock

    Contact NowDiameter 4 Stainless Steel Safety PadlockPart No.: P38SD4 40mm*Dia 4 Steel Shackle Padlock Thin shackle safety lockout padlock ABS safety padlock Featuring a heavy duty Stainless Steel shackle, these padlocks are ideal for Lockout applications where extreme moisture and corrosion resistance is required. M ATERIAL : Stainlesssteelsafety...Read More

  • Waterproof Laminated Padlock

    Contact NowWaterproof Laminated PadlockPart No.:LPC01 Waterproof Laminated Padlock Dustproof and Waterproof Laminated Padlock SafetyPadlock Covered laminated padlockInside is steel laminated padlocks, for waterproof purpose. OEM manufacturing service supported. Colors can be custom made, normally red, blue and yellow M ATERIAL :...Read More

  • Plastic Hasp Lockout

    Contact NowPlastic Hasp LockoutPart No.: NH04/NH05 Plastic hasp lockout Lockout tagout sliding nylon hasp The lockout hasp is placed through the isolating point and each person carrying out maintenance or service work attaches and locks in place their own unique individually keyed padlock through the lockout hasp. Plastic...Read More

  • Cable Safety Padlock

    Contact NowCable Safety PadlockPart No: PC175 Cable Length: 175mm Shackle Material: Stainless Steel Cable Unit: PieceRead More

  • Group Padlock Key Box

    Contact NowGroup Padlock Key BoxPortable Plastic Lock Box This group padlock key box can be either portable by carry handle or wall mounted. It's made of moulded engineering plastic. This portable plastic lock box issparkresistant, light weighted and easily taken. It has a clear front, keys inside can be viewed clearly....Read More

  • Portable Padlock Rack

    Contact NowPortable Padlock RackPart No,:PH01 Portable Padlock Rack The portable padlock rack is made of engineering plastic reinforced nylon molding. There are 12 padlock holes, which is an very easy way to place padlocks at the same time, either taken by hands or twined around waist. This plastic padlock holding has en...Read More

  • Hardened Steel Shackle Laminated Safety Padlock 25MM

    Contact NowHardened Steel Shackle Laminated Safety Padlock 25MMPart No.: LP01 Laminated padlock Steellaminatedpadlocks are made with reinforced laminated steel that withstands severe physical abuse. These padlocks also offer colored bumpers for identification and protection. Twokeysis supplied with each padlock for safer key management. M ATERIAL : Steel...Read More

  • 4 Lock Padlock Station

    Contact Now4 Lock Padlock StationPart No.: LS01 4 Lock Padlock Station Multilingual Lockout Stations Thismaster lockout station are made from engineering plastic PC. It's one piece design, with a cover to lock out. This masterlock lockout station is very strong and durable. With 4 padlock positions, each position can...Read More