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  • Clamp On Breaker Lock

    Contact NowClamp On Breaker LockPart No.: CBL12 Clamp-On Circuit Breaker Lockout C lamp on breaker lock Our circuit breaker switch lockouts will isolate and secure just about any circuit breaker switch source. clamp-on options are available and will cover most breakers. Oversized clamp-on and universal multi-pole devices are...Read More

  • 20 Lock Lockout Board

    Contact Now20 Lock Lockout BoardPart No.: LK13 20 -Lock Lockout Station Lockout stations and kits are equipped with the tools you need to isolate mechanical and electrical control points. The20 lock lockoutboardsmaterial isbright acrylic with acrylic lock rails, and the lockout pockets material isclear polycarbonate. Its can...Read More

  • 36 Lock Safety Lockout Station

    Contact Now36 Lock Safety Lockout StationPart No.: LK14 36 -Lock Lockout Station Wall-mounted lockout tagout stations ensure proper storage of lockout devices for easy accessibility. They provide a great way to organize and centralize lockout activity. These stations are sold without lockout tagout (LOTO) equipment included, making...Read More

  • Portable Padlock Rack

    Contact NowPortable Padlock RackPart No,:PH01 Portable Padlock Rack The portable padlock rack is made of engineering plastic reinforced nylon molding. There are 12 padlock holes, which is an very easy way to place padlocks at the same time, either taken by hands or twined around waist. This plastic padlock holding has en...Read More

  • Group Padlock Key Box

    Contact NowGroup Padlock Key BoxPortable Plastic Lock Box This group padlock key box can be either portable by carry handle or wall mounted. It's made of moulded engineering plastic. This portable plastic lock box issparkresistant, light weighted and easily taken. It has a clear front, keys inside can be viewed clearly....Read More

  • Group Lockout Box

    Contact NowGroup Lockout BoxPart No.: LK02 Group Lock out Bo x Lockout padlock storage box are a great solution for isolating energy points when a large team is working. Using a group lockout box allows you to dramatically reduce the amount of locks required on a job, limit weight on each energy point by eliminating hasps,...Read More

  • 4 Lock Padlock Station

    Contact Now4 Lock Padlock StationPart No.: LS01 4 Lock Padlock Station Multilingual Lockout Stations Thismaster lockout station are made from engineering plastic PC. It's one piece design, with a cover to lock out. This masterlock lockout station is very strong and durable. With 4 padlock positions, each position can...Read More

  • 10 Lock Lockout Board

    Contact Now10 Lock Lockout BoardPart No.: LS02 10-Lock Lockout Board The material of this master covered padlock stationis durable and strong PC. It has a one piece design which is very convenientespecially for departmental usage. The max it can holds 20pcs safety padlocks, 2 pcs lockout hasps and several tags and cable tie....Read More

  • 5 Lock Acrylic Lockout Station

    Contact Now5 Lock Acrylic Lockout StationPart No.: LK11 5-Lock Lockout Station This 5 lock acrylic lockout station ismade from bright yellow acrylic with acrylic lock rails. The Tag pockets are made from clear polycarbonate and will hold tags up to 3" wide. The BRADY 5 lock board is 13 1/2"H and 13 1/2"W and includes 5...Read More

  • Portable Red Group Lock Box

    Contact NowPortable Red Group Lock BoxPart No.: LK01 Portable Red Group Lock Box Our Masterlock Group Box is made of carbon steel. This portable steel safety lockout kitsecureseach lockout point on a piece of equipment with just one designated lock. The group lockout kitcapturesthe keys from those lockout pointes by placing them in...Read More