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  • Air Source Safety Lockout

    Contact NowAir Source Safety LockoutPart No.: ASL02 Air Source safety Lockout G as safety lockout Made from 304 stainless steel, corrosion resistance. Prevents pneumatic fitting from being connected to pressurized air source. Fits virtually all male pneumatic fittings found in manufacturing facilities. Measures 1-3/8" wide x...Read More

  • Mini Circuit Breaker Safety Lockout

    Contact NowMini Circuit Breaker Safety LockoutPart No.: CBL01 Universal MCB Lockout Device Universal Miniature Circuit Breaker Lockout M ini cicuit breaker safety lockout Manufacturer of a wide range of products which include Circuit Breaker Lockout such as MCB Lockout Universal Type, Large Circuit Breaker Lockout, Pin In Circuit Breaker...Read More

  • 36 Lock Safety Lockout Station

    Contact Now36 Lock Safety Lockout StationPart No.: LK14 36 -Lock Lockout Station Wall-mounted lockout tagout stations ensure proper storage of lockout devices for easy accessibility. They provide a great way to organize and centralize lockout activity. These stations are sold without lockout tagout (LOTO) equipment included, making...Read More

  • Ball Valve Safety Lockout

    Contact NowBall Valve Safety LockoutPart No.: ABVL03 /ABVL04 / ABVL05 Adjustable ball valve safety lockout P lastic valve lockout Ball valve lockout devices will lock out a range of different pipes by securing the valve handle in the OFF position. Durable, lightweight thermoplastic material is chemical resistant and performs...Read More

  • Large Electrical Plug Safety Lockout

    Contact NowLarge Electrical Plug Safety LockoutPart No.: EPL02 Electrical Lockout L arge electrical plug safety lockout Avoid electrical accidents by applying lockouts to prevent plugs from being inserted into a wall outlet. Use when plug will not remain under the exclusive control of the person performing service or maintenance. Device is...Read More

  • Do Not Operate Lockout Tag

    Contact NowDo Not Operate Lockout TagPart No.: LT03 Master Lockout Tag The lockout tagout tags are manufactured from a flexible polyester, resistant to water, oil and extreme temperatures. The safety warning tag provides on-the-spot identification of safety measures. The tags are printed on both sides, we can get clear information...Read More

  • Do Not Operate PVC Tag

    Contact NowDo Not Operate PVC TagPart No.: LT02 Lockout Tagout Tag The lockout label is made from PVC. We have 2 sides for this master lockout tag. The front side wrotes: Do not operate. The back side wrotes: Danger. The energy source has been LOCKED OUT. Only the individual who signed the reverse side may remove this lock/tag....Read More

  • Electrical Plug Safety Lockout

    Contact NowElectrical Plug Safety LockoutPart No.: EPL01 Electrical Lockout E lectrical plug lockout Electrical plug lockouts are a simple solution for electric equipment lockout procedures. Our electrical plug lockout devices accommodate a large variety of plug shapes and sizes and some require a key to prevent unauthorized plug...Read More

  • Customized Lockout Tag

    Contact NowCustomized Lockout TagPart No.: LT11 Customized Lockout Tag Our customized lockout tag is totally customized with credit card size. You can put any information you prefer to show on the tag, company name, personal photo, name, contact number or anything else necessary. This lockout ID tag is a very direct way to show...Read More

  • Equipment Locked Out PVC Tag

    Contact NowEquipment Locked Out PVC TagPart No.: LT01 Equipment Locked out pvc tag Our equipment locked out pvc tag indicates who is responsible for placing a lockout device and who is authorized to remove it or make changes to it. The safety lockout tags are printed on both sides, making sure the vital information is always visible....Read More